Father of the Bride

You Have To Get A Flask For The Father Of The Bride!

After all, the groomsmen are all getting flasks, and the bridesmaids often get flasks, too! How can you NOT get a flask for the father of the bride? Maybe a nice, leak-proof, 100% stainless steel, hip flask, with a tuxedo design, and the name of the bride and groom, along with the wedding date, and the father of the bride can also have “his name” on it. Heck, you can even put the words “Father of the Bride” just above or just under his name! That would really make a nifty gift for the man!

Just ask Henry! When he was thirty, he met and fell in love with Julie. She was a widow with a daughter, five years old, and a son of three. He married Julie, and raised those two kids as though they were his own. When it came time for the daughter, Elizabeth, to get married, Henry was delighted when she asked him to “give her away” at the wedding. He was a bit curious, because ever since her junior year of high school, they had drifted apart. Henry was expecting that she might have asked her mother’s father (her grandfather) to give her away, since Henry knew he was not her biological father.

When Elizabeth asked Henry, he was overjoyed, but the best was yet to come! On the wedding day, Elizabeth and her new husband Tom, gave Henry a “Father Of The Bride” Flask, and it brought tears to his eyes! It was quite a sight, and everyone stood and cheered, as the father and daughter locked in a long, tight embrace! Okay, I need a tissue… but the point is, that when YOU need top-quality flasks for weddings or any other occasion, we are your one-stop flask source… www.flasks.com

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