Hip Flasks for Weddings

They always say…
“Something old, something new,
something borrowed, and something blue…”

They should also add, “And a hip flask!”

What is a wedding without giving the bridesmaids and groomsmen a gift of a flask?
Even if you want to give them a separate, more expensive or more conservative gift,
you should always provide people who are in your wedding party with one of the most
popular wedding gifts to bridesmaids and ushers… a personalized flask!

We have so many flasks to choose from, that it might make your head spin, and we can
personalize them however you want! With engraving, with photos, with whatever you
want (if you’re the bride!) and if you’re the groom (a little tip, she gets to make
the decisions from here on in, Buddy!)

We have every kind of flask, in every kind of style, color, design, and price range,
and we can provide you with as few or as many as you need, and we never charge extra
for personalization or engraving!

You will find many varieties and styles here, and for any other flask needs you may
have, please also visit our www.Flasks.com because we have so many flasks, you will
certainly find what you need!

Now, have fun making those wedding plans, and rest assured that we have all of your
flasks needs covered!