Mother of the Bride

Since most people consider the bride slightly more “important” than the groom, and people consider women, slightly more important than the men, it makes perfect sense, that the Mother of the Bride is slightly more important than the other parents involved in the wedding!

The mother of the bride usually provides the bride and groom much needed guidance with the total planning of a wedding, not to mention agenda scheduling, recommending venues, suggesting florists and certain flower criteria, the best bakery choice, and many other crucial elements needed to plan the perfect wedding.

A spectacular gift should always be presented to the mother of the bride either before or after the wedding, and not just for her hard work and effort, but also as a keepsake to always remember the special occasion. Now, although you might want to spend a lot on her, and you might get her some piece of jewelry, or a week in Bora Bora, you should also get HER a themed hip flask too! Today’s hip flasks make great wedding gifts for everyone, because they are not only made to function as an alcohol container but also as a lifetime reminder of the wedding. Often containing the names of the bride and groom, as well as the date!

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