Most Popular Month for a Wedding

The two most popular seasons to get married are spring and summer.  Obviously warm, outdoor weather and blooming flowers are preferred over cold weather and dead foliage as the wedding statistics show.  June is the most popular month of the year for weddings by far but this month may not be the best for you so couples should explore what fits them best before selecting a wedding date.

Advantages of a Spring/Summer Wedding:

During the spring and summer many couples are free from school and/or work and are able to take vacation time.  The warm weather also makes the spring and summer months a great choice for taking a honeymoon.

Disadvantages of a Spring/Summer Wedding:

One disadvantage of a warm weather wedding is that it is the busiest time of year for photographers and others involved in wedding planning like caterers.  When planning a spring wedding, it is a good idea to pick a date that doesn’t conflict with final exam time or graduation ceremonies if you have children in school. By the end of May, most school sessions will be over, and it will be easier for people with children to have a wedding.