Monogrammed Flasks

Monogrammed Flasks for Weddings!

When you are ordering hip flasks for a wedding, to give as gifts to the members of the wedding party, in addition to the names of the bride and groom, as well as the date of the wedding, you may choose to put each person’s monogram, on his or her individual flask.

A monogram usually is a set of letters, usually the, that display a persons name using only the first letter in each of the persons given names. (First name, middle name, and last name) For example, if the name is Portia Keli Barton, the initials are PKB. However, for the monogram, you would take the “B” for Barton, and put it in the middle, and make it a bit larger than the other two letters. So, in this example it would be engraved as PBK for Portia, Barton Keli.

In a three letter monogram the last name and middle name letters are switched so that the last name is in the center. The center initial (being the first letter of the last name) is enlarged so that it is larger than the other two letters on either side.

Sometimes a monogram consists of only one letter, which would be the first letter of the last name, and in the example above, it would be the letter “B” for Barton!

Although sometimes, some people, choose to simply have the three initials in exact order; first name, middle name, and last name, and in this example, the name from above would be represented as P.K.B. and sometimes with a period after each letter, but all three letters would be the same font and the same size.

A monogram is the most traditional method of personalization that is among the oldest and most used. A monogram is commonly requested when engraving or printing on hip flasks and many times shoppers confuse the proper setup of “Initials” and “Monogram.” If you are looking for a personalized hip flask with monogramming be sure to check out because they can handle all of your flask needs, and all of your gift giving needs!

Summary of a Monogram:
Name: Portia Keli Barton
Initials: PKB for Portia Keli Barton
Monogram: “B” for Barton or “PBK” for Portia, Barton Keli