Maid of Honor

Maid or Matron of Honor Hip Flask

The maid or matron of honor is most commonly the woman in the wedding that leads the bridesmaids and insures their duties and responsibilities are completed before the big day.

This position is called “Maid of Honor” when the position is fulfilled by an unmarried woman, or it is called “Matron of Honor” when the job is filled by a married woman. It will usually be a sister of the bride, or a very best friend. It is usually someone extremely close to the bride. Even if the bride chooses to give her a very special, and expensive gift, she should still include her in the hip flask gifting, because most of the other attendants will receive one, so why not this important lady?

Our hip flasks are designed to commemorate, celebrate and congratulate the person who has honored you by accepting the position… whether maid or matron, and a wedding hip flask makes a perfect gift because it lasts a lifetime, is personalized and is also functional for those who might choose to sometimes use it. Our flasks are leak-proof, they’re top quality, they’re made of stainless steel, and WE can customize them, personalize them, and engrave them however YOU wish! The best part about it, is that this is all for FREE! We even offer free shipping, which is a nice bonus in this day and age.

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