The Groom is “hopefully” the most important man in the wedding. (Unless the bride-to-be is secretly in love with his brother!) So, the groom also deserves a great hip flask to remember this life-changing day in his life. Maybe the best man or the father of the groom is ordering the gifts for the groomsmen, and a great (and traditional) gift is a hip flask. These days they are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and they are usually 100% stainless steel and leak-proof, if you get top quality flasks from a top quality flask dealer!

You should not have to pay extra for personalization, customization, or engraving, and while we’re at it, you shouldn’t have to pay for shipping, either. We offer all those things for free, and if you want to upgrade your purchases, we will put each flask in a handsome gift box, along with a convenient funnel, and a pair of stylish shot glasses. That really makes an awesome gift, for the groom, the groomsmen, and anyone else in the wedding party… even the bridesmaids! Yes, these days, people often give them flasks as well.

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