Cute Flasks

Cute Flasks Make an Awesome Gift to the Bridal Party!

We can make your flasks pink, or fuchsia, or lavender, and we can make them look girly, or Barbie-like, or even with psychedelic colors, like a tied-dyed tee-shirt! We can customize your flasks, however YOU want us to. Plus, we do it for free! Free customization, free engraving, free personalization, and free shipping! These days, not only do the men in the wedding party get flasks, as a gift, from the bride and groom, but the bridesmaids also get them, but we never expected the girls to want a black and white flask with a tuxedo design or a moustache.

You can tell us what you would like, if you do not see something in our enormous inventory at where we have so many styles, colors and designs for you to choose from! You can give flasks as they are, or you can upgrade them to come in a pretty gift box, along with a handy funnel, and a pair of classy shot glasses. That’s a gift, fit for a queen, or a princess! We can even put the word princess on the flasks, if you like!

It’s your wedding, and your flask order, and we can do it however you want it! Cute, adorable, girly, feminine, funny, silly, or whatever else you want… is no problem! The flasks are 100% stainless steel, and they’re leak proof, and they’re a nice memento of your special day! Don’t forget the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, and any step-mothers, grandmothers, or important aunts! How cute is that?