Coat of Arms

Coat-Of-Arms On A Flask? No Problem!

One of the most popular wedding themed hip flasks available today are custom engraved “coat of arms” hip flasks. Every family seems to have a Coat-Of-Arms, and many people can look theirs up online, if they are not yet familiar with it. The coat of arms is a family crest or seal for a particular last name, also known as a surname. Many times people getting married, will have some wedding flasks engraved with the coat of arms for the family of the groom along with the recipient’s name, wedding position, date and any other personalized or custom engraved text.

We can easily do all of this for YOU, and here’s the best part: the engraving or personalization is FREE! Our custom engraved and personalized hip flasks start with a blank flask. Next we input your family crest into our engraving machines and the metal is slowly etched until your family crest or coat of arms is prominently displayed on the stainless steel hip flask. Our hip flasks are also leak-proof, and they come in various sizes, the most popular being; 4, 6, and 8 ounces.

You can also upgrade each gift flask to include a couple of stylish shot glasses, a handy funnel (to fill the flask) and put it all into a gift box! That is a very nice gift to anyone in the wedding, and these days, even bridesmaids often receive hip flasks as gifts. Here’s another great benefit to doing business with us; FREE Shipping! Yep, that’s right, when you entrust your family’s flask order, to our family, we pay the shipping charges!