The bridesmaids in a wedding are some of the most important participants in the
wedding, and they have many duties that are designed to help take some of the
pressure off of the bride. Bridesmaids also have a big part in planning the
ceremonies and the bachelorette party…which can get a little crazy, depending on
the group of girls.

Even if the girls do not carry on like the girls in the comedy movie of the same
name, they will still have some memorable experiences, assisting the bride, as she
prepares to enter into a new chapter in the book of her life!

It is common practice to give a personalized gift to each of the bridesmaids by the
bride and groom to commemorate the wedding and to give thanks to them for their hard
work and helping hands. Even for the couples who might wish to spend more money, and
even possibly buy a more meaningful gift, a flask is still a great idea, since most
people give flasks to attendants in their weddings, both male and female. It seems
like tradition, and no one wants to “break” tradition, right?

We have more flasks that you can imagine, and we can personalize them however you
want. We have girly flasks, and some that are not so girly, and everything in
between. You can have the names of all of the bridesmaids listed on each flask, or
you simply have each girl’s name on her own flask. You can mention the wedding date,
or anything else you want. We are happy to print or personalize with your specific

We have 4 ounce and 6 ounce hip flasks, and other sizes as well, and they are all
made out of top quality materials. You can also add gift boxes to your order, as
well as funnels and shot glasses. It’s your call, after all, it’s your wedding!

Whatever your flask needs are, you have come to the right place, and you can also
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